The Bittertang Farm

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Bittertang is a small design farm run by Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich who strive to bring happiness and pleasure into the built world by referencing that pleasurable world which surrounds us. Their work explores multiple themes including pleasure, frothiness, biological matter, animal posturing, babies, sculpture and coloration, all unified through bel composto. Their explorations are based in digital and visceral matter with output transitioning between scales and localities leaving traces of frothy matter in various disciplines. Although trained as architects, their prolific interests and methodology associates them closely to the organization of a farm. Bittertang material is bred, coaxed and grown to yield tasty morsels, beautiful new exotic beasts and fertilizer for future growth. Digging deep into the fertile detritus left by thousands of years of human history and artifacts their goal is to add thick rich fodder to contemporary material culture. Welcome to the farm, explore at your own risk and please, pet the animals.


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