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Concepts: #Monument to Naturalizing Emptiness / #Yona Friedman / #Self-Organized Inhabitations / #Cottages on a lake, river or in the forrest / #Forrest within a forrest / #Field within a field / #Object within and object / #Alfred Jarr’s writer’s cottage / #Minimal complexity / #Animism / #Using earth or water as spatial currency

Design a retreat somewhere between Lawrence Tech and Flint preferably on a river, mini lake or in the forrest. Find a piece of water or forrest that one can occupy with touching the ground minimally.

Main vision shall come from Yona Friedman’s Spatial City, largely considered being a Western utopia. It shall be combined by chosen late socialist archeology in the East which are now in ruins.

All design mediums are encouraged, from analog to digital, physical or virtual. Artistic approaches are welcome. Quick foam models are welcome. Large scale mock-ups are the key to finding architecture as the possible new medium of dislocation.

In terms of design methodology, think that there are three basic approaches to material design: 1. volume, 2. organization and 3. surface. Together they amalgamate into your propositions.

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