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Farm | Containers Emilie Naismith

The Building Design portion of the project takes takes the ideas and concepts developed

for the Master Plan and to design a building based on your team’s Master Plan for your new future Queens Farm. For this project, we will be exploring the notion of Hybridity – each building will contain a mix of functions or programs that address: 1) the

working aspects of the farm, 2) the visitor experience and entertainment aspects, 3) The integration of art and museum?program with agriculture and 4) the fruits of the farm’s production. In addition, each building should integrate one alternative power source or sustainable system.

We are interested in the interrelationships between these four aspects of the Farm and your designs should reflect the varied nature of the site and the possibilities for sharing, mixing and the creation of new programmatic spaces and typologies through the combination of programs within a single building.

We are interested in exploring design solutions which exploit interconnectedness and that create situations where “1+1=3” – where new conditions are creating simply through combination and sharing. Adams_The Farm-1.jpg
The Farm: Inversted Steven Adams Adams_The Farm-2.jpg
The Farm: Inversted Steven Adams Adams_The Farm-3.jpg
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The Farm: Inversted Steven Adams Adams_The Farm-5.jpg
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The Farm: Inversted Steven Adams
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