CRITPraX, Lawrence Tech College of Architecture and Design and The Bittertang Farm present:


Pop-up gallery opening on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

An exploration of large scale sensual atmospheres and environments where bodies, spaces,

furniture and plants all contribute to new primal worlds. The work explores the body as it relates to its environment as one of the most ostracized interactions within contemporary architectural work when directly addressing human pleasure. The explorations capitalize on the various ways in which the body engages with its surroundings and pushes to the extreme of how it fits into the world, forcing the bodily and the constructed world to interact in much more dirty, messy and sensual ways. The projects work through inflatables and engages with oversized turgid and bodily forms. Eight teams have been asked to be simultaneously technical and sensual to create engineering marvels and fantasy experiences.

Projects lead by:

Aaron Blendowski

Benje Feehan

Carrie Smith

David Corns

Hannah Dewhirst & Ingrid Schmidt

Joel Gerber

Mark Dineen & Michael Neville

Neda Mostafavi

Guided tours, invited critics and designer talks during the day.

Parking available off Oakland Street between E. Grand Blvd and Milwaukee Ave. Entrance to the gallery is on the north alley wall of the DOGE PRODUCTION BUILDING (FIRST FLOOR NORTH), 6545 ST. ANTOINE, DETROIT, MI 48202.

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