Tower Competition Trevor Dybenko, Peter McNeil, Jennifer Norman
Tower Competition Babak Bayat, David Knapp, Galina Mihaylova
Tower Competition Jennifer Crotty, David Kerstetter, Kristina Vanek
Tower Competition Christine Freundl, Wesam Johnes, Patricia Ramallo
Tower Competition Ryan Cousino, Shane Hernandez, Jawan Matti
Tower Competition Brian Leung, Laura Roberts, Nicholas Shango

Carol J. Burns has noted that “conceptions of site can be compared to certain attitudes about designing an addition to an existing work of architecture or construction. One strategy of addition is the extension, which hides the new work by reproducing the forms and materials of the existing structure. As a pure strategy, this is obviously impossible in thinking about architecture as an addition to the (already constructed) site because the physical requirements of architecture are not satisfied by the forms of materials in nature. The other obvious strategy for addition is to design the new without relation to the existing structure as analogous to the model of a cleared site, which brings imported content to a situation conceived as without meaning. Yet another possibility is to investigate the existing situation-building, city, or native land-to discover its latent qualities or potential; inherent conditions can motivate the ensuing construction so that the new participates in the existing. This allows both a criticism and a release from the received conditions and, reciprocally, a reverberation of them so that the boundaries between the conditions as received and as renovated become blurred; both may be productive because both are aggressive with respect to each other.”* Such interaction between received and renovated provides the critical vehicle by which new identities and histories can be introduced to existing notions of site and, in particular, site-specificity.

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