Lecture Mitchell Joachim introduces context for the second charrette project
Habitats Results of 4 hour charrette in habitat design
Habitat development
Studio Culture Food for thought
Studio Culture
Critique Mitchell Joachim, Aaron Jones and Anirban Adhya in discussion
Studio Culture Source material for models
Discussion H-pad development in studio
Discussion H-pad development in studio
Discussion H-pad development in studio
Model development Aaron Jones refining his team's submission
Habitat Nurhan Gokturk taking over spray painting
Habitat development Results of the fourth mini-charrette (Sunday)
Studio Culture Teams at work

The anticipation of a future species, part plant and creature, complete with a unique life-cycle, habits, needs, and social patterns, and the design of a life cycle is being developed. Characteristics of this new species include all biological systems, including food, digestive and reproductive systems. The relationship to its environment is highly critical for the creatures survival including sunlight, air, water, soil conditions need to be incorporated in its creation.

Following the formation of the creature and its life-cycle, the design of a habitat for this new species is restricted to a volume of 22" x 22" x 22" that supports its life for at least one year.

The next move is a "mixing facility" is then designed with the task of housing several of the habitats, allowing them to connect and interact.

The charrette studio started 10:00 am on Friday June 5th and concluded with "proof of concept" reviews on Sunday, June 7th. The seven teams presented four times over the three days with each presentation exhibiting more and more refinement of the positions.

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