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Detroit Board Game

City-making can resemble a board game, where there are players (landlords, tenants, neighborhood associations, developers, banks, commercial entrepreneurs, preservationists, economic development agencies) who, using the hands they are dealt (property, money) and their “chips” (buying power, the power to zone, property rights), play for outcomes (a ”tech town,” a vibrant downtown, a “return to nature,” etc). Sometimes, players form coalitions, and sometimes, they work independently. Some players are sworn enemies, and some find common ground, despite being very different. Sometimes, players get a “boost” in the form of, say, a newspaper article that manipulates public opinion, and sometimes, players get set back by things like crimes, fires, and election cycles. As with any game, there are winners and losers.

So we made board games based on the socio-political situation of Detroit.
Baseline Farms Food and Farming team
Race to Retail Retail team
Concession Stand Arts and Entertainment group
It's Elementary Education team
Kingpin Heath team
Battle for the Streets Transportation team
The Battle for Megopolis Planning team
Holding Detroit Housing team
Trade and Commerce team
Dude, Why You Thirsty? Utility team
Cluster F U C Safety team
Parks and Recreation team
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