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Figuring is an approach to design that is non-linear, associative, and oblique. This process-based studio conducts architectural research through making, and figuring and speculation constitute two vectors of inquiry, with figuring as an indirect approach to form and idea generation, and speculation as the pursuit of their consequences—with rigorous and surprising results. Inspired by surrealist games, this creative process uses atypical forms of reasoning, visual and verbal punning, and formal constraints to generate multivalent objects, whose effects on bodies, perception, and behavior are then examined and projected into various scenarios. At each step, the analysis of an architectural outcome’s performative qualities is crucial. After constructing a model or object, we ask: what does it do? How does it work in the world? These questions, which we naturally consider from our home perspective on this world, have a speculative corollary from a different frame of reference: how does the world it comes from work? By repositioning our point of view, speculation has the productive capacity to construct new worlds.

While figuring constitutes the general studio approach, it also describes two specific methods of design thinking that structure it. The first takes figuring as the act of shaping, and involves the crafting of two-dimensional profiles and three-dimensional forms through techniques of geometrical projection and combination.

The second takes figuring as the art of finding affinities between various elements, and fitting them together into a cohesive whole. This combinatorial synthesis is explored formally through techniques of joinery in 2-, 3-, and 4-dimensional formats, as well as conceptually through narrative. Like drawing constellations out of field of stars, figuring connects the dots to construct meaningful patterns, which are oftentimes overlapped and always bound by stories.

The narratives of each of the projects presented here have evolved out of the specific ideas, forms, and effects discovered and mined by each studio team, and led by the individual visions of the Teaching Fellows. What all groups share is a constrained set of tools, techniques and formats, an initial set of formal “generator” prompts, and an end goal of building a world of characters, actions, and environments around a set of architectural objects. of Rhino Crab 1-2.jpg
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Could Be Architecture
Could Be Architecture
Could Be Architecture
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Elise Dechard
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Elise Dechard
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