Feehan team
Feehan team
Dewhirst/Schmidt Mikey and Antonio of Bittertang in reviews
Blendowski team
Blendowski team
Blendowski team
Corns team
Mostafavi team

Pinata party . . .

typological outline patterns . . .

versioning . . .

material explorations . . .

destructibility . . .

solid/void . . .

soft/hard . . .

Critique Michael Loverich of Bittertang fully engaged . . .
Critique Antonio of Bittertang with Hannah Dewhirst and Ingrid Schmidt,
Material study - cloth/expansion foam Joel Gerber and team
Broken shells Mostafavi team's experimentation of fragility and non-fixed color
Study Dineen/Neville and team balloon studies
Weeble wobbies David Corn and team studying balance
Wobbles inside Corn et al - section study
Egg sacks Schmidt/Dewhirst and team
Frills and offspring Schmidt/Dewhirst and team
People as candy Benje Feehan and team with a human eating pinata
Rubber glove mayhem Neda Mostafavi presenting early experiements
Early concepts Mark Dineen presenting the team's work
Tickler Blendowski's teams soft engagement pinata
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