Commonplace Commonplace was an installation created by Interboro for the US Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Biennale. tech8.png
Commonplace standard-issue items from Venice where recombined to transform the Pavilion’s courtyard into an “outdoor living room.” tech16.png
Holding Pattern 2011 Young Architects Program for MoMA PS1 tech25.png
Holding Pattern 2011 Young Architects Program for MoMA PS1 tech31.png
Holding Pattern 2011 Young Architects Program for MoMA PS1 tech32.png
LentSpace Temporary space for rotating exhibitions of contemporary art complemented by various public programs tech62.png
Improve your Lot! Research project spin-off from the award-winning proposal to the Shrinking Cities-Reinventing Urbanism competition tech74.png
Deploy the De-Voider! Honorable Mention at the Van Alen Institute’s Urban Voids Grounds for Change International Ideas Competition

Interboro Partners is a New York City-based office of architects, urban designers, and planners who work together to improve the urban environment with innovative, experimental design ideas. Interboro has garnered acclaim for a subtle aesthetic of social activism, based on actively observing urban phenomena and finding the neglected, the underserved, or even the abhorred as openings for architectural possibility.

The work is considered activist, pragmatically Utopian and concerned with social justice through the manipulation of the everyday.

Interboro Partners - Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore - were invited to lead the 2013 CRITPracX experience.

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