2017 Call for Fellows

01. February 2017

This summer's experimental projects will be based around the methodologies and philosophies formulated by Angie Co. The experience this summer is titled FIGURING WORLDS: CHARACTERS, MODELS, PROTOTYPES, balancing between the crafts of fabrication and narrative. The studio will focus on speculation as a design strategy combined with relational modeling (as opposed to representational modeling) following through to prototyping. Projects run fast with team direction provided by the Fellow in response to the critical positioning of the invited studio lead.

The Fellowship is a 10-week position that requires on-ground presence at four weekend workshops. Formal studio meetings are at the Southfield, Detroit campus on the following schedule:

May 19-21, 2017 (course kickoff/introduction – Charrette One);

June 2-4, 2017 (Charrette Two);

June 23-25, 2017 (Charrette Three);

July 14-16, 2017 (gallery review – Post-Production).

Studio experience starts at 9:00 am on Friday morning and concludes at 2:00 pm on Sunday during each session. Fellows will also meet with their teams on a flexible schedule between workshop sessions in order to guide and develop the project outcomes (10 hours min. direct contact). These interactions might be virtual using digital modalities rather than physical meetings.

Fellows will be awarded a stipend for summer efforts equivalent to an adjunct teaching salary.

Application requirement: short statement of position that considers acts of speculation, narrative, prototyping and relational pursuits. In addition, provide a portfolio focused on recent writing, projects and products (8 items max) and supporting documentation (photograph/illustration). All sub-disciplines of applied design are eligible for the Fellowship (architectural design, urban design, interior design, industrial design, interaction design, graphic design, etc).

Applications should be emailed to Philip Plowright at pplowright@ltu.edu by March 5, 2017. The jury will notify selected Fellows by Friday, March 17, 2016. Email subject line should be “CRITPraX16 Fellowship”.

Full Call is here.

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